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Online Auction: Bids Open Thursday 15 September 2022 and close Sunday 25 September.

Honour Her is a campaign to raise funds and honour the stories of women living with gynaecological cancer run by WomenCan and the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group. Fifty percent of the sale from my original works, Just Be, Storm Born and Dream Catcher will be donated to the campaign. 

I am grateful to be participating in the Honour Her campaign again for 2022 and to have the opportunity to help support fundraising efforts for life-saving gynaecological cancer research. My Aunty Lan is the primary reason I found my way back to art and why I am taking part in this campaign.


It was not until my aunt moved to a new house a few years ago and asked me to create two large artworks for her home, that I really picked up my paintbrushes again. My involvement in this campaign is to help raise funds in her name and to thank her for the support and positive influence she has had and continues to have in my life.

My aunt was also previously affected by endometrial cancer. Thankfully in her case, doctors were able to diagnose cancer at a critical point in time and she was able to have it removed immediately. This saved her life and has allowed her to make a difference in mine and so many others. But she was really lucky.

Like most gynaecological cancers, endometrial cancer is extremely difficult to diagnose without a highly invasive procedure. I hope that funds raised from the sale of my artwork will go to preventative research, the development of new screening tests and treatments so that women have a higher chance of survival and that they may continue to touch the lives of those who hold them dear and offer their gifts to the world.

To visit the auction and place your bid click here.

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