With Time Comes Grace | Original Minimalist Abstract Art


With Time Comes Grace is an original minimalist abstract art piece.

It is a teaser to my upcoming Life Choices collection. 


Sweeping, flowing black marks represent the passing of time.

And the gold - the preciousness of it all;

In time that has passed,

In wisdom that is gained,

In patience that is learned,

And a grace and elegance, well earnt. 



36 x 48"

Width: 122 cm

Height: 91.5cm

Depth: 2.5cm


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas + Gold Leaf


Signed on the back and side, and ready to hang


Original abstract art by Australian artist, Larissa Nguyen.

  • We offer payment plans on selected pieces to make bringing art into your home easier. Payments may be set up as follows:

    4x Fortnightly Payments

    8x Weekly Payments

    Payment will be required through credit card, with auto-charge authorisation. We will send your artwork out to you as soon as your first instalment has been processed. Please contact me to arrange your purchase or for further details at info@lnart.studio. 

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Copyright © 2020 Larissa Nguyen

All artwork is the sole property of Larissa Nguyen and is held under copyright even after purchase - click here for further details. The images, artwork, and contents of this website may not be copied, collected, or used for personal or commercial gain without written permission from Larissa Nguyen.  All images of artwork, sold or otherwise, are retained by Larissa Nguyen.


Please note all prices are listed in Australian Dollars ($AUD). If you are purchasing from a country other than Australia, feel free to use the Currency Conversion Tool below to see the approximate cost in your local currency. 


To help determine if the artwork size is suitable for your home, you may use the following guidelines.

1) The width of the artwork including the frame and mat (border around your artwork) should be between 2/3 to 3/4 the width of your furniture.

1.1) If considering more than one artwork for your space, allow for 2 - 4" of space between each artwork. Also include those spaces in your total artwork width.


2) To find the right size artwork for you, measure the width of your furniture

3) Multiply it by 0.66 (2/3) and then 0.75 (3/4) to get the size range for your art. 

For example if your sofa is 143cm wide, then your suitable artwork size would be between approximately 94 and 107cm wide.

       143x0.66 = 94.38 

       143x0.75 = 107.25

4) The centre of the artwork should be approximately 58" high from the ground. This is the standard height for paintings hung in an art gallery and the average height for a woman at eye level. 

5) The bottom of the piece should be 6-12" above the closest piece of furniture.

Disclaimer: Images of art in situ are artist impressions only. Please refer to measurements in the art description for an accurate size of the artwork. 


We ship worldwide and offer 

Free standard shipping within Australia!

International shipping costs are to be confirmed. As distances can vary greatly for international delivery, we will require a courier quote. As such, for these orders, a minimum shipping fee of $35 - $100 will apply at checkout. We will then invoice you for any additional shipping funds required or refund you the surplus separately.

Please feel free to contact us with your address for a shipping quote prior to purchase. See our shipping policy for further details.

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