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Hi there!


I create modern abstract acrylic and oil paintings. Abstraction gives me freedom, leaves room for surprises and encourages me to be brave.

For me, painting is like soul searching and each artwork is a reflection. I paint to explore and express, with minimal planning and going where the paint takes me. I find that what I paint, is often what I need the most.

For the viewer, I wish to take them to a place, a memory, or an emotion and allow them to dwell in the moment. Sometimes it’s simplicity and balance, or a precious moment of peace. Sometimes it’s bravery and resilience. Sometimes it is freedom and escape.


My work is often reminiscent of nature. I am inspired by nature and the human response to life –  through experiences both good and bad.


I often work in a limited palette, layering texture and gold leaf upon subtle fields of colour. I also take inspiration from the colours and materials before me, how they transform through my movements and brush strokes.

I am based in Perth, Western Australia.

“I seek for my work to take the viewer to a place, a memory or emotion and allow them to dwell and remain in the moment. Sometimes it's simplicity and balance, or a precious moment of peace. Sometimes bravery and resilience. Sometimes it is freedom and escape.'




...with art started when I was a child. But I wasn't brave enough to explore the path of a creative until a decade later, after working in corporate roles and forgetting I was any good at art at all. 

But I guess art and painting for me is like remembering how to ride a bike - you just need to get going. And I needed to get going - I craved a creative outlet.


In my search for a creative outlet, I explored the idea of setting up a clothing line and even tried my hand at floristry before coming full circle back to my childhood dream of being an artist. And it really only came about because my aunt asked me to create some paintings for her out of the blue!

Click here to see the first painting I completed on my own, after a decade of not painting.


My love affair ...

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